Engraved Lighters & Accessories

Engraved Zippo Lighters

Our range of personalised and engraved lighters is extensive enough to give smokers a whole host of lighter choices to complement jewellery preferences, outfits or mood.

Not just for smokers though, our personalised engraved lighters are useful for non-smokers too, especially when it comes to lighting candles around the home or whipping it out when you’re midway through your child’s birthday party and realise you’ve forgotten the matches to light their cake!

Some people like to carry around a lighter for politeness too, as you never know when you’re going to get asked for a light and therefore our range of stylish, cool on-trend personalised engraved lighters is just perfect.

You can choose from engraved lighters with a chrome or brass finish in a standard zippo or a slim zippo lighter design but the choice and personalisation options don’t stop there. Our choice of personalised engraved lighters also includes coloured designs featuring the Union Jack, Welsh, Irish and Scottish flags and also various designs from the ‘KEEP CALM’ range.

We also have a very stylish zippo hand warmer personalised engraved lighter which produces ten times more heat than the standard zippo lighter, great for keeping hands warm in winter and for lasting flames when you are adventuring outdoors.

The majority of our plain personalised engraved lighters can be engraved on the front and those of our personalised engraved lighters with coloured designs can be engraved onto the back ensuring that whichever of our personalised lighters you choose you can have your name or special message appearing engraved on them all.