personalised Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Our Personalised Engraved Memorial Gifts have been chosen especially to help you and your loved ones, family and friends through a difficult time with a recent death or bereavement or when your grief is new or to provide you with a memorial that you can display and remember happier times and keep the memories of your loved one close after a recent death and also for many years to come.

We have given you a range of personalised memorial items from; traditional engraved rose bowl memorial vases to more contemporary engraved memorial flower vases; from traditional personalised memorial pillar candles to more modern and very stylish glass and resin personalised engraved memorial tea light candle holders; and from beautiful personalised crystal memorial glass blocks in a variety of designs to our stunning Crystocraft Angel Ornament.

Also included in our personalised memorial range are fabulous heart shaped memorial ornaments for your recently deceased family members and we also have some engraved paw print memorials for you to remember your beloved family pet companions who are important to you too.

We draw particular attention to our gorgeous personalised sentiments guest book, which placed at a funeral service or wake will give guests a change to leave a special poem, message or memory for grieving family members to read later.

For families coping with a death, grief or feelings of bereavement at Christmas time we have chosen to include some lovely personalised memorial engraved ceramic baubles to allow you to have one engraved for family members to remember lost loved ones who cannot celebrate this wondrous seasonal time with you in person any longer.

Keep the memories of your loved ones alive with our gorgeous and sensitively inspired personalised engraved memorial gifts, perfect for placing anywhere around the home and on your loved one’s graves or by crematorium plaques as well.