Personalise Your Promotional Gifts with an Engraved Pen

Mon, 05 Oct 2015

Pens are the conventional promotional product to give away to favoured clients and customers because they can easily be customised with the name of your business or company. Despite being common, pens gifts can be more special, meaningful, and helpful in your branding efforts when they are engraved. Personalised engraved pens come in a wide range of sleek styles to reflect your business. Reputable engraved gifts specialists present their pens in high-quality gift boxes to make them more attractive to the recipient. 

Data gathered from various sources like the Outdoor Advertising Association of America revealed that office accessories can fetch up to 125 brand impressions per one marketing dollar invested in them. It’s easy to see why engraved pens can be a great way to promote your brand cost effectively. And because you are giving away something useful, your recipient is likely to use it often and see your brand each them they do. Moreover, your recipients are likely to show off your brand to anyone who sees them using your engraved pen giveaways, too. 

It was discovered that consumers are likely to do business with a company that gives them a high-quality promotional item, and an engraved pen can help you encourage customers to do that. Engraved pens can be ordered in bulk, and reputable companies can do the engraving for no additional cost. Engraving provides more elegant and sleek results, which go well with fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball pens.

Engraved pens make great corporate giveaways. Consider an engraved pen set that comes with a business card holder, letter opener, or a pencil for a more presentable option for corporate clients.  There are engraved pen sets that come with a keyring or a pen holder, too. Some sets are specifically designed for ladies and professionals. Hence, you are likely to find the perfect promotional engraved pen for someone.

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