More than Just a Gift - Express Your Feelings with Personalised Gifts for Men

Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Gifts can mean a whole spectrum of things to different people. They are given to show sympathy, love, care, concern, express apology, as well as to congratulate someone on an achievement. Whatever your reason for gift giving, it is always great to find a present that will make the recipient feel special. Adding a personal touch to a gift does just that, allowing the recipient to feel more loved as you give something that is well thought of and holds greater meaning than a generic, store-bought gift. Here are some excellent personalised gift ideas for men:

  • Personalised Tag Necklaces – while jewellery is more commonly given to women, men too, can enjoy some manly accessories, like a personalised army-style tag necklace. Tag necklaces can be engraved with the recipient's name, birth date, and other personal details or with a sweet message to show your love and care.
  • Personalised Liquor Ware – if your man isn't too much into accessorizing, you may also consider personalised liquor ware such as exotic liquor and wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, and crystals. You may even have bottle openers and wine stoppers engraved with their name or have wine labels personalised to make them exclusive. Good personalised gift shops even offer personalised champagne, bar, and drinks set that can also be personalised, along with other drinks accessories, like coaster sets, tankards, and hip flasks.
  • Personalised Smoker Accessories – for a guy who loves to smoke, you may also have lighters and cigar cases engraved. Other excellent gift ideas for your male smoker friends include a personalised cigar holder and hip flask set, an engraved cigar cutter, and an elegant, personalised cigarette case.


  • Personalised Male Accessories – male accessories like key rings, business card holders, and cufflinks are also great gift ideas for men.

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