Memorable Personalised Christening Gifts for Babies

Mon, 22 Sep 2014

A christening is a remarkable moment especially for the parents. A christening technically means the ceremony of baptism and the official naming of the child. It is the day a baby is introduced into the world of his parents' religion. When invited to partake in a memorable event like a christening, you need to prepare a suitable present for the baby.

You can buy any generic gift from any store, but if you want to give something that will be treasured, go the personalised route. High-quality personalised christening gifts that are engraved or produced with a special message or the name of the baby and the date of the baptism tend to be, will always remind them of you and your best wishes and are cherished for a lifetime.

Photo frames are popular choices. Personalised silver plated photo frames are sleek and stylish and will likely be displayed in the baby's room or nursery. Another option is a silver plated photo album, which the parents can use to store photos that were taken during the christening.

Teddy bears are timeless gifts that can also be personalised for a baby. Choose teddy bears that can be dressed with a personalised t-shirt or sweater with your special message. A silver plated money box can also be an ideal christening gift. It can be given to the child when he is old enough to start saving. Money boxes can also symbolically encourage parents to start saving up for the baby's future. They are available in different designs such as cars, boats, tractors, castles, or even pirate ships. You should find a money box that is appropriate for the gender of the baby or the preference of the parents.

Are you looking for a quirky christening gift? How about a trinket box where the parents can keep the baby's first tooth? Have the trinket box engraved with the baby's name to make it more personal and unique. This is a keepsake that parents will always cherish. For more information click here

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