How to Select the Best Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Friends?

Wed, 11 Mar 2015

As a bride, you are likely to choose some of your friends to be your bridesmaids—and because they are your friends, it makes sense to give them something special to commemorate your big day. The bridesmaid gifts can be given to show gratitude for the women who helped you in planning your wedding, and they need to be meaningful. If you cannot decide what to give to your bridesmaids, these tips should help you choose items that your friends will surely love and treasure:

  • Consider the ages of your bridesmaids and give them a gift that is appropriate for their age. An engraved crystal shot glass or wine glass is a good gift for a bridesmaid who is old enough to drink alcohol, but it may not be an appropriate gift for a girl who is not yet old enough to drink.
  • Decide on a budget for bridesmaid gifts and stick to it. This way, you do not have to worry about spending a lot for presents.
  • Get a one-size-fits-all type of gift. This means giving a gift that is suitable for any bridesmaid, regardless of their age. There are many options online, like compact mirrors, charm bracelets, trinket boxes, personalised bridesmaid mugs, necklaces, and teddy bears. Make them more special with a personalised message or put the name of the bridesmaid on the item.
  • Consider engraved gifts. These are timeless bridesmaid gifts that can easily be personalised with a special message of gratitude for each bridesmaid. Your friends will surely remember you and your wedding day every time they see or use the gift.
  • For engraved gifts, choose a personalised and engraved gift specialist that offers free engraving on their products.
  • Think about what each bridesmaid would like to receive or find useful. This is an option if you have more time or the budget to select individual gifts for each bridesmaid.
  • Are you shopping at the last minute? Look for a personalised gifts specialist that provides an express service, so you can be sure that the gifts will be delivered on time for your wedding.

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