Champagne Flutes: A Selfless Gift Enfolded with Love

Wed, 10 Dec 2014

If you want to show love and appreciation to you dear friends, give them something they will definitely appreciate and something they will enjoy using every time. The best gifts are not just the ones that remind you of its giver, but also those that are well-thought of and are selected with your needs in mind. If you have a friend or a loved one fond of wine-tasting or enjoy premium bottles, why not give them a set of well-made, personalised champagne flutes for a present?

Champagne flutes are stemmed glasses that feature a narrow bowl. Their bowls resemble those of narrow wine glasses, but with straight sides. Champagne flutes, like other stemware allow the drinker to hold the glass in a way that will not affect the drink's temperature. The bowl is also designed to retain the carbonation of the champagne and keep it bubbly. This is possible because of the reduced surface area at the bowl's opening. The deep bowl enhances the visual effect of the rising bubbles from the bottom of the glass to the top. These are the main things you should remember when shopping for the perfect champagne flute for your friend.

Flutes have largely replaced champagne saucers or coupes, which allow carbonation to dissipate faster than the standard wine glass. If you want the gift your friend will truly love and appreciate, choose a champagne flute that will enhance their wining experience. Find a high quality flute and have it personalised by having each piece engraved at the bottom or on the bowl to add an interesting custom detail to your present. This will make your gift even more special and exclusive to the recipient.

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