engraved vases

Engraved Crystal Glass Vases

Our range of personalised glass vases is sure to make gift shopping easier for your loved one’s special occasion, birthday or celebratory event.

Personalised glass vases are not specifically associated with any special occasion like some gifts, which makes personalised glass vases a really versatile gift, especially if you’re not shopping for just another birthday.

Our personalised glass vases would be great to give a bridal couple on their wedding day with a celebratory wedding bouquet; it can be surprising how many couples probably don’t think to add beautiful glass vases to their wedding list, and how greatfully received a thoughtfully personalised glass vase would be.

Personalised glass vases also make great anniversary gifts, but we’ve come up with a some other reasons for purchasing our personalised glass vases; to decorate your festive Christmas table, to display your floral gift arrangement for Mum on Mother’s Day and the girlfriend’s, fiancés or wife’s gorgeous red roses on Valentine’s Day; and to decorate the boardroom or reception desk of your business.

We have some beautiful personalised glass vases, some traditional lead cut crystal designs, however our range is complemented by our stunning contemporary crystal flared vase and our Swarovski crystal hearts and swirls glass vases alongside some intricately cut conical vases.

Our personalised glass vases come in a variety of sizes to suit even the most over the top floral bouquets you could ever be presented with and all our personalised glass vases can be engraved with your specially chosen messages, names and dates for special occasions and also logos and images for corporate requirements.

All our personalised glass vases come presented in luxury satin lined gift boxes.