Personalised Impressions Crystal Keepsake

Your child's unique handprint gift.

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Our Personalised Impression Crystal Keepsake is a timeless gift that capture's your child's unique prints at a precious age and keeps them as a memorable gift for years to come.

Made from clear optical crystal, this personalised keepsake token is created especially for you, a unique personalised gift.

We'll send you all you need to take your child's impressions along with a pre=paid envelope to return them back to us in. The prints kits are easy to use with no mess and they come with simple step by step instructions. Should you require extra print kits you can add them to your order no problem.

On this personalised impressions gift you can select prints for one or two children. You can select to use either their footprint or handprint, as well as choosing your preferred colour for each individual print. You can add their name, date or birth weight & time to the design.

Once we receive your impressions back we will create a unique design and professionally print it onto the optical crystal keepsake block.

The crystal block measures 5cm x 5cm x 2cm

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