Personalised Disney Fairies Story Book

Personalised Children's Story Book

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In this unique Disney TinkerBell Great Fairy Rescue Book your child can enjoy reading or even being read the adventurous story of TinkerBell which they will also play a role in throughout the story.

Devotees of Peter Pan's Tinker Bell will completely cherish this book, which describes the notable pixie's own special story! Tinker Bell and her companions have conveyed summer to the territory, however an inquisitive 'Tink' has headed out to investigate a close-by human house! Tinker Bell experiences eight-year old Lizzy, a young girl who simply needs her compulsive worker father to invest more energy and timewith her.

Read with interest as Tinker Bell's pixie companions set out to safeguard her, as people and pixies alike figure out how to value families and kinship. This book will include the beneficiary's name all through the content, and their name and an individual message can likewise be added to the opening page.

The book comes as a beautiful softback or for an additional cost you can also upgrade to a hardback version of the story.

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