What to Look for When Shopping for Personalised Christening Gifts?

Wed, 03 Feb 2016

Picking out the perfect christening gift shouldn't be difficult. In fact, babies are about the easiest to shop gifts for. One way to make sure that your christening gift would be a hit is having them personalised or engraved with something significant, like the baby's birth date, his hand and foot print, or her christening date. These gifts can be treasured keepsakes that parents, as well as the kids, will surely cherish as the child ages. Music boxes, silver spoons, money boxes, and other classic baby gifts are all great items to personalise and give as presents for a child's christening. 

A silver spoon is a nice little keepsake that comes with great symbolism for a wealthy upbringing. This is a good example of a christening gift that can be personalised with the baby's name or engraved with his or her christening date, birth date or a heartfelt message from a loving godmother/godfather. 

Personalised money boxes are also excellent and practical gift options if you want to teach the kid the importance and value of saving money early on. There is something innately special about giving a child his or her first money box. Gift shops nowadays offer a wide range of money box designs and motifs from flowers to fairies, animals, teddy bears, alphabet blocks, and other kid-appropriate designs. 

Personalised photo frames with a matching certificate holder are also great gifts to commemorate the special day. These gifts can be engraved and personalised in many ways, like many other gift items. Keepsakes, jewellery boxes, baby jewellery, and trinket boxes are also great gift ideas christening events, along with more practical baby items and products like stuffed bears and toys, blankets, and even baby dishes and eating sets. Engraved figurines to adorn the baby's nursery are also thoughtful gifts that are worth keeping.


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