Top Reasons Why You Should Gift Someone Engraved Zippo Lighters

Thu, 15 Jan 2015

Zippo is a known brand of lighters manufactured by a company that bears the same name. Zippo lighters are reusable, making them popular and practical for smokers who would like to save money in the long run. Thousands of various designs and styles of Zippo lighters are available nowadays, including military lighters. These lighters make excellent gifts for avid collectors and smokers, and you have the option to have them engraved to make them more unique and special.

Why Engraved Lighters?

Personalised lighters are made to match your recipient's style, mood, and preference. Your recipient feels that the gift is made specifically for them. A Zippo lighter has a metal exterior typically made of brass, so it can easily be engraved with a special message, a logo, or the name of your recipient.

Designs of Engraved Zippo lighters

You can find Zippo lighters with different designs on the front and back. There are high-quality chrome Zippo lighters, too. Look for an engraved gift specialist that supplies authentic Zippo lighters. A genuine Zippo lighter should come with an official Zippo black box. You can personalize the letter with a special message, which will be engraved on the back. Authentic Zippo lighters have a lifetime guarantee.

Not Just for Smokers

Zippo lighters are commonly given as presents to smokers, but these can also be gifted to non-smokers. A Zippo lighter can be useful to light up scented candles at home. It might be useful for campers, military personnel, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. There are businessmen and executives who find it convenient to carry a lighter at all times because they will never know when someone would ask them for a light. They can show off the personalised engraved lighter they got from you, and it might even help them start a conversation with someone, too.

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