Remember These Points While Buying Wedding Gifts

Thu, 12 Sep 2013

It's wedding season, which certainly means a plethora of gifts and presents which needs to be purchased for all of the merry and happy couples as you watch them march down the aisle to a whole new life which is full of excitement, joy and ecstasy.

Trouble finding the right wedding gift? Focus on proper gift-giving etiquette this wedding season with our expert tips on how, what, when and how much to give the happy couple.

If you're absolutely confused and not sure what to buy, you can either give cash instead of a gift or can club with few friends and give a combined gift, as well.

  • Start with the wedding List

    If the couple has planneda wedding list startwith your shopping there. A registry is certainly a no-fail option. This is because it's a list of exactly what the couple needs and wants. Some people feel it to be less thoughtful; however, studies have shown that gifts from the wedding lists are actually loved and appreciated more than perfectly boxed gifts that are chosen by the guests.

  • Know when to shop off-List

    Though buying a gift from a wedding registry is aperfect idea, yet in some cases it might not make sense. For instance, it may so happen that everything on the registry has already been purchased, and the left over gift options are out of your budget. Hence, you might want to choose an alternative. In such case, you can opt for a cash gift or buy something that is within your budget.

  • Give the wedding couple something memorable

    If,by any chance,you're unable to attend the event, you are not obligated to send a gift. Generally you're not expected to give a gift if you are not attending the wedding. However, if you wish to do so, make sure you choose something from the wedding list. You can also opt for the personalised wedding gifts available online. This way you're gifting the couple something memorable that they really needed, even though you are not there with them on the day.

When in doubt, try and choose something with meaning. For instance, if you and the bride regularly meet for tea and the couple has registered for a teapot or tea cups which fit within your budget, then that will be a great choice. Package your gift with a special blend of tea for an extra personal touch.

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