Personalised Story Books: Kid’s New Best Friend

Tue, 03 Feb 2015

It seems children don’t read as much anymore, what with all the technology. They prefer to play video games or watch shows and movies instead. The good news is, you can still do your part in encouraging a child to read. A personalised story book can be a child's new best friend and it can encourage the child start a reading a habit. Personalised story books are literally customised for the child—the story can bear the child's name and other elements that are significant to him or her.

Children develop reading skills differently, but it is never too early to get them started and encourage reading. You can introduce a child to reading as early as before age 1, when children typically begin to look at pictures, imitate the sounds that they hear from language, respond to pictures and stories by patting or tapping the pictures and by vocalising with the parent or guardian who is reading to them. Children this young may reach for the book and move along with the reader who is turning the pages.

Personalised story books can be excellent gifts for toddlers, too. Kids ages one to three usually begin to name familiar pictures, answer questions and identify objects that they see in books, pretend to read, or point to objects that they find interesting in books. They are able to finish sentences in stories that they know well, too, and they are already capable of identifying books by the cover or the pictures. This is a great opportunity for you to give them a personalised story book with their name.

You can give a personalised story book to a child in his or her early or late preschool age. Children ages three and four usually begin to learn to explore books by themselves, retell stories that are familiar to them, cite the alphabet, and recognise familiar labels and signs. Parents and guardians can use personalised story books to help their children learn to read.

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