Personalised Photo Frames For Every Occasion

Thu, 02 Feb 2017

There are many different types of gifts that you can buy your loved ones but one of the most versatile of gifts would be the personalised photo frame.  A unique gift that can be used for every occasion, allowing the recipient to display their favorite photo from a great occasion.


When choosing a photo frame the first thing to consider is what is the occasion and who is it for?  There are many different types of frames available some of which are more suited for specific occasions than others.  For example a frame that if to be used for a new born baby or perhaps a Christening would perhaps have a teddy or baby hand print on for instance.  Below is a list of ideas of the types of frames that are available for some of the most popular occasions.


Personalised Photo Frames For Babies

These types of frames are usually sold in 6x4 or 7x5 sizes and can have some kind of baby theme associated to the frame.  So for example this twinkle twinkle Silver plated photo frame features a cute silver plated teddy that sits in the bottom corner of the frame.  It can then be personalised with a name or short message.

Another new an innovative gift for 2017 is the impressions photo frame.  This frame allows for you to have the individuals hand prints actually engraved on to the photo frame along with a short message.  This gift make a wonderful unique personalised gift that will be treasured forever and offers something different.


Personalised Photo Frames For Birthdays

Everyone loves a Birthday bash where the who family gets together and friends alike.  Whilst frames with the recipients age on are available these are no so popular.  Instead the more traditional classic photo frames are more popular that are engraved with a special message.  Available in a range of different sizes the classic photo frame is more suited towards portrait pictures whilst the contemporary photo frame is perfect for landscape pictures.


Photo Frames For Weddings

Personalised wedding photo frames tend to be sold in the larger sizes of either 7x5 or 10x8 variants.  There are a wide range of photo frames that are available for the loving couple but one of the most popular choices is the silver plated wedding ring photo frame.  The photo frame has a highly polish silver plated finish and feature two crystal wedding rings that are entwined together at the top of the frame.  The bottom of the frame is then usually engraved with the happy couples name and wedding date.


Personalised Corporate Photo Frames

Corporate business that like to show their staff or customers an good time also often choose to gift a Personalised Corporate photo frame to mark a special occasion or grand event.  The contemporary photo frame  is an ideal choice as it has a large space for engraving that will allow for a logo or symbol to be engraved alongside the message.  Available in three different sizes this is the best choice if you are looking to add a logo or symbol so that it can standout that little bit extra due to the engraving area that is available on the frame.

The above examples are just a few to mention as personalised photo frames really can be used to mark and celebrate absolutely every occasion in a unique a special way that will allow for the recipient to relive the event by displaying a favorite picture.

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