Personalised Money Boxes

Mon, 29 Aug 2016

Choosing gifts for loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to present on any occasion can be a difficult thing to do and we understand that the need for beautiful items that everyone likes and can use.

Personalised money boxes are admired and appreciated by just about anyone from kids, teenagers, young couples, to adults and retirees.

Inculcating the habit of saving in a child is possibly the best gift anyone can give her. Saving shows a child how to be responsible and delay gratification when putting together money for the future. At The Engraved Gifts Company, we understand the importance of this valuable life lesson. This is why; we have created an incredible range of personalised money boxes for children. The traditional piggy banks have come a long way and are now available in an amazing range of materials from elegant silver to pretty bone china, and even unbreakable resin. Choose from the exciting collection we have and transform it into a personal keepsake by having it engraved with the name and perhaps, birth date of its owner.

The personalised money boxes we have make ideal gifts for a baby’s naming or christening ceremony. They are also perfect for gifting to a child on a birthday. Depending on whether the recipient is a boy or girl, pick out the relevant theme. For instance, pretty castles with drawers for retrieving treasure, and Disney princesses for little girls. For little boys, opt for the many, brightly-coloured vehicles like fire engines, buses, trains, diggers, and many more. These vehicles are also available in silver for older children and adults. Think pirate ships, Noah’s Ark, racing cars, sports cars, choppers, and even a train engine with cars behind it. Or, consider the tractor with its own trailer.  In addition to vehicles, check out silver figurines of well-known cartoon characters like Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, or even a chubby dinosaur.

For people who prefer bone china, we have a round personalised money boxes imprinted with the widest collection of cartoon characters possible. Not only is it possible to choose the character the child loves best, but we can engrave it with the child’s name along with a special message. Design the message around the occasion for which the gift is chosen like adding the date and event. For instance, “Happy Birthday to Dearest Mike - Love from Grandma!” Or, simply pick out a cube with the alphabet imprinted in it. Incidentally, we also have silver cubes with alphabet in raised letters on it.

Interestingly, adults can also appreciate personalised money boxes. Buy one for personal use and use it for dropping the spare change that accumulates from every shopping trip. It makes a pretty ornament for the table in the hallway near the entrance next to the bowl in which people toss their keys. With a similar idea in mind, choose a pretty carousel money box in silver and present it to a newly-wed couple as a wedding gift.

If you’re not quite sure how to pick out the perfect gifts, get in touch with us. We welcome queries sent by email. If you would like some instant advice, contact our live chat facility. Our executives are happy to help you choose the perfect gift that matches the recipient’s taste, occasion, and theme. Did we mention? You only need to choose the gift and let us know about the message you want inscribed. We will take care of the engraving free of any extra charge and deliver it on your convenience. The Engraved Gifts Company is your one stop destination for the best of gifts that can send across your best regards and warm wishes.

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