Personalised Jewellery Box Add Spark to Your Choice

Tue, 19 May 2015

Jewellery boxes are fun gift ideas for those who love collecting them or have a fondness of jewellery and small trinkets. They come in a wide range of shapes, colours, sizes, and designs, from large antique boxes that can well be heirloom furniture too tiny, child-size boxes that keep one or two pieces of jewellery at once. Musical jewellery boxes are quite popular with young girls, but classic wooden boxes seem to appeal more to the ladies, the older they get. Plastic boxes are cheap alternatives, but they often take away from the beauty of your authentic pieces, which is why glass and metal are often better alternatives, as they preserve the elegance of each piece, while also protecting your jewels from damage.

Jewellery boxes were originally large furniture pieces, the size of a chest, but it was during the industrial revolution that smaller units were mass produced and came to be a more common household item. Elaborate and ornate jewellery boxes from the old times are now considered valuable antiques and can often be found on display in castles and museums. When shopping for your own jewellery box or something to give to a loved one, choose a piece that will fit their personality. While large jewellery armoires are still in production to date, they are very rare and often hard to find or are only available on a contract-work basis. Your best bet when shopping online would be small jewellery boxes in metal or wood, most of which come with compartments to help you organise your collection.

Whether you choose wood or metal, you can add glam and spark to your jewellery box by having it specially engraved with a special message to a friend or your own name/initials, which is also great if you intend to pass down your collection to a child.

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