Personalised Christening Gifts

Mon, 29 Aug 2016

Welcoming a new baby into the family and the community is a very special day for her proud parents. All family and friends are invited to attend the christening and naming ceremony and shower their blessings on the newborn. It is customary to bring the baby a small gift that marks this very special day. Choose from our amazing range of personalised christening gifts that are well suited for the occasion. Parents and godparents promise before a religious representative at the ceremony that they will raise the child well and give him the necessary values and principles so that he can grow to become an esteemed member of his community. Whatever may be their religious background, we have the perfect gift that expresses love and warm wishes for the newest member of the fold.

To begin with, we understand that this moment is so special that it should be preserved for the lifetime of the baby so that when she is older, she can appreciate the warmth of all the wonderful people in her life. Pick out lovely photo frames in silver with raised designs that can hold baby pictures. Have them inscribed with the name and date to create beautiful personalised christening gifts. Our frames come with a protective sleeve and presentation box. For a more extensive range of pictures, we have albums that can preserve every little memory of not just the ceremony, but of the growing years of the infant.

At The Engraved Gifts Company, we understand that every milestone in the life of the little one must be treasured for years to some. We have for you the perfect personalised christening gifts, a collection of trinket boxes that can hold tiny mementos like baby teeth or a lock of hair. Check through our collection and you can even find boxes to hold the hospital bracelet of the baby. Or, instead of a box, how about a tiny silver train? To combine the warmth of a photo frame with a keepsake, choose a wooden box that can display pictures all around it.

We understand that some people would prefer to bring presents that the baby can actually use. Browse through our collection of gift hampers for both boys and girls. These personalised christening gifts include a tiny teddy with a jumper carrying the baby’s name, a fleece blanket, plain white vest and baby grow, each of which have the baby’s name embroidered on it. Individual jumpers, fleece blankets, cushions, teddies, bunnies, bibs, and other items are also available.

Baby utensils make excellent gifts so the baby can use them when she begins to learn to eat and drink on her own. Look for a set of silver cutlery, pretty tankards, or goblets in silver or bone china, each imprinted with the baby’s name and date. We also have a set of cute breakfast utensils for the baby that includes a cup, cereal bowl, and plate. Yet another choice of personalised christening gifts is sets of an infant hairbrush and mirror with a lovely rocking horse design on it.

Aside from this incredible collection of items, we also have a stunning collection of moneyboxes in almost every conceivable shape, size and pattern. Choose from Disney princesses, trains, silver boxes engraved in different shapes, the classic piggy banks, princess castles, fire engines and other vehicles including pirate ships, and so many more. Looking to keep the baby entertained? Simply pick out a snow globe!

Every one of these gifts conveys your love, blessings, and best wishes for the newborn and her life ahead. Let us know about the special message you have that comes from the heart. We will inscribe it in the font and style you like to create the ideal personalised christening gifts. 

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