Personalised Champagne Flutes Make Remarkable Mementos

Mon, 22 Sep 2014

The wedding toast is probably one of the most remarkable moments in the reception. It is a tradition that is anticipated by the guests and the newly-wed couple. Traditionally, the toast is initiated by the father of the bride or groom, or the best man, followed by anybody else who wants to say a few words to the bride and groom. The wedding toast usually comes before cutting the wedding cake. Make a wedding toast even more memorable with personalised champagne flutes.

Wedding champagne flutes are available in different shapes and sizes. They can be personalised with an engraving or a special design that is meaningful for the couple or the recipients who will use and keep them. If you are giving them as a present to the couple, you can engrave them with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding. They can also be engraved with a short message, perhaps wishing them a happy life together.

Personalised champagne flutes are also given as wedding souvenirs for a select few. Not everyone in the guest list is given a champagne flute as a souvenir; this makes them extra special for those who actually gave the couple a toast. Add a special message that is unique to each recipient to make the gift even more personal and special. Give them to your best man, your parents, your maid of honour, or a close friend who said kind words and wished you the best on your big day. They will surely be appreciated. 

Personalised champagne flutes can be a perfect mementos of a happy wedding day for guests who enjoy sparkling wines and champagne. Order them from reputable UK-based personalised gift companies to ensure quality. They should come wrapped in luxurious boxes, often silk lined.

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