Open Doors of Fairyland with Personalised Story Book

Wed, 10 Dec 2014

Story books are great gifts for children. You can give it to a child who loves to read or use it to encourage someone to learn reading. Either way, your gift will be more appreciated if it is personalised for the recipient. Personalised story books are typically printed with the name of the child as the protagonist, so he is mentioned throughout the story.

Personalised story books have been proven to support and encourage reading. Special themes like fairy tales can stimulate the imaginations of young minds, too. With a personalised fairy tale book, you can make a child more interested in the story; he is the star of the book. Your child can be the hero or heroine in an adventure story, for example. When your child sees himself as the hero, he can appreciate the book better and truly take interest in the storyline while having fun.

There are many types of children’s books that can be personalised, some of them use the story of well-loved tales—all you have to do is replace the name of the protagonist with that of your child. For example, a personalised 'Alice in Wonderland' book can become a child's very own journey into the unknown. You can even turn your daughter in to a princess, or your son into a brave soldier. You can also choose modern fairyland tales if your child has already read all the classics.

Your child's name will be mentioned on the front cover and throughout the book. He is literally put in the story, so he can claim that the book is truly his. Aside from being a thoughtful gift, a personalised story book can be a nice keepsake. When your child is all grown, he can look back at the book and fondly remember all the fun you had during bedtime reading.  

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