Make Special Moments More Special with Engraved Necklaces

Thu, 15 Jan 2015

Still thinking of what to give your significant other for that upcoming anniversary, or for Valentine’s Day? Have an engraved necklace made to make those special moments even more unforgettable. Engraved necklaces are elegant and timeless personalised gifts you can present to someone you love, no matter what the occasion. They are typically crafted in stainless steel or sterling silver and come in a range of different styles for women and even for kids. You also have the option to buy engraved pendants you can hang on a necklace of your choice. Finally, you can engrave the jewellery box in which the necklace will be presented. Your special message can be engraved on a beautiful silver plaque attached on the top of the gift box.

Why Do Engraved Necklaces Make Fantastic Gifts?

Engraved necklaces are wardrobe essentials for every fashionable woman. And because they are highly personalised, they are likely to be treasured for life (unlike other fashion jewellery that are disposed of when no longer in vogue). An engraved necklace is also very elegant, heartfelt, and thoughtful. It is a timeless item that will find its way into her wardrobe at any age.

What Should You Engrave on the Necklace?

Personalization options are almost limitless. You can engrave letters or initials, or even the entire name of your recipient. Do you call her by a special name? Why not engrave that? Do you share a special word with a meaning that only the two of you know? You can have that engraved, too.

You can also personalise the necklace with a symbols, such as the Chinese character for love or the Japanese character for faith. And you can engrave the necklace with numbers that represent something, such as a significant date (your anniversary, for example).

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