How to Personalise Photo Frames for your loved ones

Tue, 23 Aug 2016

In a digital world where people are increasingly using phones and cameras to take pictures and upload them to their virtual albums, personalised photo frames make a beautiful gift. Pictures capture a moment in time like a child’s first steps or the radiance on a bride’s face as she looks at her new husband or even, the thoughtful look of a grandmother as she ponders a memory. Preserving these moments so you can place them in a spot where you can glance at it every day is what we do at The Engraved Gifts Company.

Having personalised photo frames with pictures of your loved ones around the home adds a touch of warmth to it. It makes people feel loved and cherished having their family and friends close, even though they may not a physically present. What can be a better gift than a moment in eternity preserved in a photo frame that enhances its appeal and tells a little more about it? We have a range of lovely photo frames that can match any kind of picture. Choose from our amazing collection of silver-plated, glass, wood, leather, slate, and many more. Also, choose from our range of designs and styles, in different sizes, and orientation.

Pick out the theme that matches the photograph best like for instance; look at our vintage collection for memories of a parent’s wedding, or a grandfather holding his first grandchild for the very first time. Pictures like these capture that moment of pride and complete happiness. Or, choose a glass engraved frame from our contemporary collection of personalized photo frames for a family photo. Have a great graduation day memory? Enshrine it in a silver-plated frame.

To make each moment even more special, we create personalized photo frames by having them engraved for you with a personal message at no extra charge. Have the date inscribed when the picture was taken and talk about its significance to the people in it. Convey a warm message to express thoughts and feelings. Choose to frame a single photograph or create a collage with smaller ones to depict a child’s growth from babyhood to adulthood or the many happy moments in a couple’s life that began with a surprise proposal and engagement, and culminated in a dream wedding. Or, perhaps, to commemorate a get-together of friends meeting for the first time, years after college. Have it inscribed with the date and a humorous message, and order one for each of the friends present.

The personalised photo frames that we have are perfect for any kind of occasion and we have an expert team on board to help with the selection and the messages that can be imprinted on them. For instance, for weddings, we have silver plated frames and different sizes to match. Bridesmaids, best men, and ushers will love photographs in frames of 6x4 or 7x5. But, for the parents of the happy couple, frames are in sizes 10x8. For the couple, we have the silver plated range that is so beautiful, it’s difficult to make a choice. Looking for photo frames for corporate use? Let us know about the icon or logo you want to use, and we can have it inscribed perfectly.

Allow us to help create a personalised photo frame, a perfect gift that comes with all the love of the giver and relays a message that says a lot more than what the words describe. The recipients of this gift is sure to cherish it for many years to come and each time they look at it, they will remember the person who gave it to them with fondness. 

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