Handbag Mirrors - A Woman's All-Time Friend

Mon, 22 Sep 2014

If you plan to give a small token or gift to a lady friend, two things should be on top of your list: jewellery and handy accessories. If your budget doesn't quite cut it for fancy jewellery, you will never go wrong with handy accessories that they can keep and carry with them anywhere and everywhere. If you want to give your friend a truly memorable gift, go for a handbag mirror—this is one accessory that most if not all women ought to have.

Handbag mirrors are small, compact accessories that come very handy when a woman is out and about. Diamonds may be a woman's best friend but these little handy accessories are her all-time friend that comes to the rescue whenever there are make-up emergencies at her wake. These small mirrors are also very useful during wardrobe malfunctions and many other likely and unlikely emergencies.

Compact handbag mirrors come in a wide range of styles and designs. Some even double as magnifiers to help users read labels and really small prints. Silver plated mirrors and encasements are a common choice for personalised handbag mirrors as they are easier to apply engravings to, but there are other more ornate options that you can choose from if you want handbag mirrors that are more stylish. Some are embellished with crystals and beautiful inlays that make the design look even more interesting. However, if you want to go for a minimal look, a silver plated compact mirror engraved with your lady friend's name is just as classy.

Complement your compact mirror gift with an even more creative gift choice like an engraved trinket box, which your lady friend can use to keep small jewellery on the go. Trinket boxes are also excellent handbag accessories for convenient storage.

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