Exclusive Personalised Alcohol: Perfect Gift for Men

Thu, 07 Aug 2014

While not many people can afford a specially blended brew of alcohol to give as a gift, everyone can customise a bottle in another less expensive, yet very creative and thoughtful way. Personalised alcohol, wine, or champagne is a bottle with a personalised label or etched/engraved glass. There are many customisation possibilities to choose from and your imagination is the only limit if you really want to find the best present to give to a special person. Most men are fond of good bottles of wines and spirits, which make personalised wine an ideal gift to personalise, whatever the occasion:

  • •  Personalised neckbands –You can ask a custom gift shop to personalise a neckband for your chosen bottle. However, this gives you less space to personalise (unlike full-labels that offer plenty of whitespace to spare).
  • •  Personalised labels – One of the most popular ways to personalise wine bottles, printing personalised labels is a good way to add a touch of personality to your gift. You may name the bottle after the recipient or include a personalised message or even a picture or a graphic to make the bottle even more exclusive.
  • •  Engraved bottles – Engraving names, monograms, and other types of text on the wine bottle is also a great idea if you can find a place that can professionally and effectively engrave wine bottles.
  • •  Engraved crystals/glasses – Engraved wine glasses and crystals are also great as gifts, along with a special bottle of wine or the recipient's favourite champagne/spirit.
  • •  Personalised hip flask and drinking accessories – You may also add other personalised items and drinking accessories to your wine gift such as hip flasks, bottle openers and wine stoppers engraved with the recipient's name or a special quote or message that you want to relay in a unique and memorable way.

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