Engraved Tankards with Beautiful Wordings Engraved – A Thoughtful Gift

Thu, 07 Aug 2014

A tankard is a large, cylindrical cup with a thumb piece and handle. Most tankards have hinged lids, which can be flipped over the vessel. Tankards have been around since the Medieval times and they were originally associated with beer and drinking liquor, but nowadays, they are given as personalised gifts.

You can now order engraved tankards in modern, contemporary, and traditional styles online. You will also find tankards inspired by certain sports and sports teams. Tankards used to be made exclusively of wood, silver, glass, or pewter, but nowadays, they can be made of other materials like stainless steel and brushed steel. These materials are easy to personalise as diamond tipped engraving machinery are used to engrave letters or patterns.

Modern-day tankards are sleek and stylish. Some companies provide them in different shapes and sizes.  There are tankards with elaborate designs, delicate curves, and stylish handles, while others mimic the look of traditional tankards.

If you are looking for a luxurious gift, buy an engraved Dorchester pewter tankard, gold and silver pewter tankard, or a sterling gold with a Celtic band tankard. There are manufacturers that can create tankards with a specially shaped handles—a golf club perhaps, a silhouette of a lady, or even that of a bear or a lion.

Engraved tankards are available in different sizes, typically ‘pint’ and ‘half pint.’ There are goblet-shaped tankards, too. A tankard has more space for engravings, so you can go beyond the name of your recipient and have a short and meaningful message engraved on the surface.

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