Engraved Keyrings Gift Inspirations

Thu, 09 Feb 2017

If you are wondering what to gift someone and are out of ideas then perhaps a Personalised Keyring could enlighten you with some inspiration.  A gift that is practical that can be used every day and also has sentiment as it is engraved with something that is personal to the recipient to mark the occasion.

There are as you can imagine an abundance of keyrings out there but not all of them can be personalised to make the right unique gift for the recipient.  You need to consider what you would like adding to the keyring, you could have just text, a logo or create your engraved design if you prefer.  Once you know what you want engraved on the item it’s then a case of finding the right Keyring to suit.

For Men the most popular keyring is the dog tag style keyring as it has lots of space to engrave a message or even add a logo should you wish.  It is also possible to have both sides engraved due to its design, it really does offer maximum versatility whilst appeals to men.

Women tend to prefer something a little small, and whilst our cushion style keyring appeals to both men and women it is a popular choice for men due to it’s soft curved edges and more compact design. Again this keyring is a great choice for engraving as it has a good engraving surface and can be engraved on both sides.

Locket keyring offer the recipient the opportunity to also display a photo inside the keyring whilst also having it engraved.  Compact and stylish our locket keyring is a great choice that also allows two pictures to be displayed once opened.

So if you are looking for practical gift, no matter what the occasion then a personalised keyring can be made to fit the occasion whilst also made to appeal to the individual.  You can add a favorite sports club logo or have a symbol engraved that is specific to the recipient’s hobbies for instance.

Whilst your keyring will come smartly presented you can also upgrade to have it presented in a luxury gift box and you can even have it gift wrapped, handy if you want to send it directly to the recipient.

So check out our exciting range of Engraved Keyrings now and find that perfect one that will make a special unique gift.  And don’t forget each keyring can be personalised in many different ways so the only boundary is you imagination so go wild and create that perfect gift right now.  

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